Preventing Falls - CareView System®

CareView System® Video Monitoring Technology to Help Prevent Patient Falls

Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center is always concerned about patient safety. To aid in reducing patient falls, we’ve installed the latest in technology called the CareView System®.

This video monitoring technology is designed to provide heightened safety and security for patients who may be at risk for falls. An important component of the CareView System is “Virtual Bed Rails” using an infrared camera. If a patient attempts to get out of bed, an alarm is immediately activated at the nurse’s station alerting staff that a patient is in need of assistance. By detecting patient movement, nursing staff can prevent a potential fall and resulting injury before it occurs, thus significantly reducing falls.

The CareView System is compliant with federal privacy regulations. Patient privacy is ensured through the use of a privacy button that, when enabled, takes the patient off camera for 20 minutes at a time. Additionally, patient consent is required for the use of the Care View System, making it recommended but optional. Without signed patient or legal patient representative consent, the CareView System will not be engaged.