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Expertise and compassionate care are two of the main traits of all the members of our team. When it comes to caring for your heart our expert physicians will be there for you every step of the way.

Osama F AlSuleiman MD
Cardiovascular Disease
Sualeh K Ashraf MD
Interventional Cardiology
Neeraj R Bajaj MD
Interventional Cardiology
Imran Bawaney MD
Cardiovascular Disease
Farouk M Belal MD
Interventional Cardiology
Kollagunta S Chandrasekhar MD
Cardiovascular Disease
Patrick Fisher DO
Cardiovascular Disease
Oji Joseph MD
Interventional Cardiology
Claudio F. Manubens MD
Cardiovascular Disease
Patrick F Mathias MD
Cardiovascular Disease
Saiyed Mohib MD
Interventional Cardiology
Boris D. Nunez MD
Interventional Cardiology
Ashish Pal MD
Interventional Cardiology
Karan Reddy MD
Interventional Cardiology
Irfan F Siddiqui DO, FACC, FSCAI
Interventional Cardiology
Usman R Siddiqui MD
Cardiovascular Disease
Zaheed Tai DO
Interventional Cardiology
Saroj T. Tampira MD
Interventional Cardiology

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    Understanding Heart Disease Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Learn what you can do to keep your own heart healthy.
    Cardiac Tests & Procedures From a chest x-ray to an implantable pacemaker, here's a detailed look at the tools doctors use to help diagnose and treat heart disease.
    Heart Conditions and Diseases Arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure - find out more about heart problems and what you can do to prevent them.
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    Diabetes and Heart Disease Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in people with diabetes. Take steps right now to promote heart health.
    Congenital Heart Disease A congenital heart defect is a heart problem that is present at birth. The vast majority of congenital heart diseases have no known causes. Some of these problems may be caused by genetics.
    Cardiac Rehabilitation Your heart needs time to recover from a major trauma like heart attack or heart surgery. A cardiac rehab program can help you get back to normal daily activities.
    Managing Heart Disease Your specific treatment plan may involve one or more of these areas: monitoring your blood pressure, changing to a healthier diet, getting more exercise, and taking medications.
    Preventing Heart Disease Making certain lifestyle changes can reduce your risk for heart disease: Stop smoking, start exercising, and limit the saturated fat in your diet.

    Chest Pain Treatment at Heart of Florida

    Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center has been designated as an Accredited Chest Pain Center by the Society of Chest Pain Centers. Only one percent of all hospitals in the U.S. have this designation. Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center is also accredited to perform coronary interventions including PTCA (formerly known as balloon angioplasty) and stenting to restore normal blood flow to the heart in patients with coronary artery blockage.

    Our seamless system of diagnosis and treatment ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients. The quality of our medical, invasive and interventional cardiologists is excellent, and our catheterization lab’s registered nurses and technologists have advanced training.

    With our patient-friendly technology, including super-fast CT scanners, cardiac catheterization and other diagnostic tools, our cardiologists often have the ability to diagnose cardiac problems early enough to address underlying risk factors and take the necessary action to help reduce those risks whenever possible or provide treatment options to avoid future cardiac events.

    Need help finding a doctor? Call our Physician Referral line at (863) 419-2341.


    Jerry Hicks
    Well-connected heart patient

    Jerry Hicks had his first heart attack 11 years ago, two more since then, six stents over time, and he suffers from heart disease. Yet, all that made him a perfect candidate for the new loop recorder technology at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center. His cardiologist, Dr. Claudio Manubens, chose patients with ongoing heart problems for this futuristic alternative to a heart monitor.

    Dr. Manubens implanted a small device in Jerry’s chest. This loop recorder technology sends information to the doctor’s office 24/7. And, once a month, Jerry can send any stored information to his doctor by a phone line from his own home without having to go to the hospital. 

    “I used to have to wear a monitor—a big, heavy thing you carry on your belt,” he said. Jerry also used to travel to Orlando for annual treatment. “It was 40 miles away, and…all those tourists!” Because he couldn’t drive after the exam, his wife had to take the wheel. Now, the care he needs is just 10 minutes away at Heart of Florida. “My wife really likes that,” he said, “that kind of driving (to Orlando) was nerve wracking for her.”

    As for Jerry, he feels much more confident about averting a heart attack. “I’m almost friends with Dr. Manubens, I’ve been to see him so much. And everyone at Heart of Florida makes me feel safe and relaxed,” he said.

    “I’ve been to five hospitals in this area, in Orlando and around the country, and Heart of Florida is the best. Some hospitals are kind of cold, but the staff here is always laughing and smiling. You feel you’re in safe hands,” he said.


    Richard Broadbent
    Young-at-heart heart patient

    Richard Broadbent has a long list of heart issues that just can’t keep him down. When he had leg problems in 2000, his doctor corrected the condition with an angioplasty. He was advised to have his heart checked, too, which he never did until he experienced shortness of breath. Eleven years ago, doctors discovered a 90 percent blockage, resulting in immediate quadruple heart bypass surgery. Then, Richard was 80 years old.

    Since that time, he’s had two pacemakers, carotid artery surgery and one more blockage. Instead of having another bypass surgery, however, Richard was treated with a simple stent—courtesy of interventional cardiology services now available from Dr. Ashish Pal at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center.

    “I never had a problem at Heart of Florida. Anything I wanted I got, and I got before I asked for it. The staff seems interested in everyone,” he said. I’ve been going there for 12 years and it’s always very good. They’ll listen to anything you tell them and act on what you say.”

    Getting quality care close by also means that Richard doesn’t have to fight big city traffic to get treatment. “It’s easy to get to the hospital and the doctor’s office,” said Dr. Pal’s 91-year-old patient.

    “The stent is great. It’s not open surgery. They do it through a vein as an outpatient procedure,” he said. “Dr. Pal is very good—really knows his business. And knowing what I know now, I’d do it earlier.”


    Rebecca Thornberry
    Pampered heart patient

    Rebecca Thornberry already had medical issues when she moved here from the East, but her doctors there weren’t responsive to what she was telling them. Fast forward to her waking up from a morning nap, thinking it was the next day and taking her morning medications for the second time. This accidental overdose was almost fatal.

    She was rushed to the ER. Her body was starting to shut down. She had a variety of conditions, including heart problems. The staff at Heart of Florida worked together to coordinate her care. “They paid a lot of attention to my problems and got other specialists on my case,” she said.

    Ironically, Rebecca worked at a hospital back East as a nurse’s aide, secretary and medical transcriptionist. “When I was admitted to the hospital there, it was like no one knew me. Here, people who didn’t know me treated me like family,” she said.

    Heart of Florida physicians gave Rebecca a thorough workup. Her treatment included getting a pacemaker and having stents inserted into both legs. She had other procedures, too, for non-heart related issues.

    “Once I had the pacemaker and stents, I had more strength and a little more energy. I don’t fear going to sleep at night and my heart not working. Now I have a decent heart to carry me through,” she said.

    “I was totally amazed with these people. They treat you as they’d like to be treated. They have a heart,” she said. “I was there for a reason. They were there for a reason. Dr. Saroj Tampira pulled me from death’s door. Now, I have a better chance for a longer life.”


    Frederick Burnett
    Hiking-again heart patient

    “I don’t get sick,” was Frederick Burnett’s first thought when he started feeling sluggish and couldn’t walk very fast. His heart would race. His chest felt as if a big lump was trapping food on its way down. He assumed it was indigestion. But, at his son’s urging, and because he knew something was really wrong, he called his primary care physician.

    After an EKG, he was referred to Dr. Irfan Siddiqui, a specialist in cardiovascular disease, cardiology and interventional cardiology. Another EKG proved that he needed a stent. Frederick was surprised to know the procedure would be done through his wrist.

    He’d heard of this technique and happened to be in the office of one of the few physicians in Central Florida performing this procedure. “Dr. Siddiqui explained that I’d be awake, but wouldn’t feel anything,” he said.

    As it turns out, his artery was 90 percent blocked. In the recovery room, Dr. Siddiqui told him he was lucky he hadn’t had a stroke. “He said I’d been a walking dead man,” Frederick said.

    When the procedure is performed through the groin, the patient has to recover from the groin incision. With the wrist technique, patients can walk around almost immediately and recovery is much easier. Frederick was hospitalized overnight and felt fine when he left in the morning.

    Not long after, Frederick was water tubing and walking the Georgia mountains. His doctor approved the trip with no restrictions.

    Frederick hopes others will learn from his story to get prompt treatment. He is grateful to his son for insisting he see a doctor and to his wife for taking such good care of him, but laments, “I put my life on the line and that wasn’t fair to my family. Such a simple procedure saved my life. It was foolish not to have it done earlier.”


    All patients can expect this level of care at our Accredited Chest Pain Center, a designation earned by only one percent of U.S. hospitals. We know hearts.


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